“Son, Don’t trip over dollars to get nickels” Now I can’t recall exactly where or when in my life I heard this term, but I do know it was either my Grandfather or Dad. I also know I never understood what it meant until I was a business owner. As a kid I would see a shiny nickel on the ground and I would run grab it no matter what. My focus was on that shiny nickel and nothing else. There could have been money falling from the sky and my laser beam focus was on that nickel. It would gleam on the sidewalk the sun would hit it just right and man I wanted it badly… however it always had a surprise for me under it, usually someone’s gum, and of course you had to clean it up a bit, maybe spend a few extra minutes scraping the nasty stuff off. Sure it spent well but man there was a lot of risk as well as time in getting it… I could have seen it in the road and not paid attention, a car could have hit me, maybe it was wedged somewhere and I would have ruined a perfectly good pair of jeans.

What I’ve found in business is there are shiny nickels all around for me to snag up. I could run around all day grabbing up nickels and by the end of the day I might have a dollar to my name. Sure I can make it by on those few dollars, but I have to wonder if I wasn’t running around grabbing nickels. How many dollars could I have gotten? What would happen if I passed on some nickels and started looking for dollars?

It’s so easy to lose focus on the dollars and be comfortable with what you think you can get easily, but what fun is that. There is minimal challenge in finding nickels. People throw them away all the time. But the challenge in finding your dollars wow what a feeling of accomplishment, now you’re building something great.

Anyone can start a business and succeed for themselves but to build something big no HUGE you have to pass up a lot of nickels on the ground to get there. Believe me it is harder than you think to do. I’m not going to explain the analogies that are in this post, and there are a lot. Let what I am saying sync in a bit and ask yourself how many nickels do I chase in a day? Let me know in the comments below.