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Network downtime comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s from a catastrophic storm or fire, a data center outage, ransomware, DDoS attack, internet outage or even a careless mistake. No one is totally safe, and it isn’t a question of if, but instead when it will strike.

The Ponemon Institute surveyed over 700 IT professionals regarding costs due to network downtime. According to their research they found business lose $22,000 on average for every minute their network is down. This is not even included any server failures, simply people cannot do work. The top three most severe consequences as a result of a network outage are productivity loss, reputation loss and then lost revenue.

Your biggest downtime threat may be your employees, but it comes in many forms. Whether it’s ransomware or natural disasters, you have to be protected. Having a business continuity plan incorporating Network Continuity and Server Continuity will help you have as little downtime as possible, therefore suffering fewer consequences.

To get a better understanding of your recovery time objective (RTO) and an estimated cost of downtime, take a look at Datto’s RTO and Downtime Cost Calculator.

At Hoola Tech, we manage your backup networks before, during and after your business hours. We are constantly updated on threats to your network, so we can fix problems before they become apparent. If you experience a network outage, we can keep your downtime to a minimum. Contact us for more information on network surveillance and maintenance plans for your business.