This time of year is tough for us non sporty geeks. I personally never know what I am supposed to do. The items I do enjoy are eating junk food, however this is just another day for me. The other is watching the super bowl commercials which in my eyes is just someone throwing YouTube videos up on my T.V. I always feel like I have to pretend to like this as it’s the manly thing to do. Here is the reality and struggle I deal with. I want to root for the Patriots because it was my school mascot, however living in Indiana I know better I think people actually get put in stocks for doing such horrendous acts. Then there is the underdog (the geek) I don’t think I can go wrong with the Seahawks, as from what I can tell everyone hates the Patriots, but there is always this awkward moment when asked so who is your favorite player… I have no idea!!! So I have to hurry up and google a player on some team I know nothing about and hope they don’t want to go into details as to why, they always do… So as you’re going through your day getting prepared for the big game. Keep us geeks in your minds as this is about as awkward as it gets for a lot of us. Enjoy be safe and have fun, if you see a geek struggling to fit in maybe sit and explain a few things instead of the sports questions... you will see the relief in their eyes.