Do you ever sit in front of your desktop or laptop while it is running extremely slow and wonder how much is this really costing my company?

A study suggests, that the average worker will lose more than 5.5 workdays a year to slow computers.That works out to approximately 13 minutes of the average workday. Add the cost of slow servers to this issue and it gets even worse.

Opportunity cost is a crucial variable since it is customarily double the real cost. This is because it is measured as the amount of time lost that could have been used to complete valuable tasks. For the sake of simplicity, we will consider the numbers in the context of an average Indiana business with slow computers.

  • Average Salary= $50,000
  • Average Hourly Labor Rate= $24 per hour
  • Time Wasted Due to Slow Computer= 2.75%
  • Yearly Cost of Time Wasted= $1,375 per employee
  • Yearly Opportunity Cost of Time Wasted=$2,750 per employee
  • Total Yearly Cost of Slow Computer= $4,125 per employee

So what is the solution you may ask? Even if you reduce the numbers above in half, it is enough reason to upgrade and/or replace your existing computer. Another solution to this costly issue is updating the software on your computer.

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