The year was 1989 I was 11 yrs old and had my eyes on a brand new Macintosh computer. It seemed like you could do anything with that beast of a machine. However the reality was my family was poor really poor… no matter how much I desired this computer there was no way I would get it. Like most items in my life I was always a few years behind for instance:

HA6331000 kriss-kross-jeans-backwards hypercolor

I was wearing parachute pants when they weren't cool, Kris Kross jeans, and Hyper Color Shirts yeah… few years too late. However I can tell you the Commodore Vic-20 computer my mother and stepfather picked up for me was amazing!!!

First computer

First computer

It didn't matter that it was behind the times and had an actual tape cassette to “record” programs on. I loved every square inch of that device. I would stay up all night long programming a game I wanted to play. It took forever to do hours upon hours just to play a blackjack game, but I was so proud when I finished it. In fact almost killed my 4 yr old brother when I had been programming and he tripped over my power cord… I learned the valuable lesson of saving often that day. I think he learned that his brother was kind of a jerk after pulling an all-niter coding.

These were some of the moments in my life that really defined me. I was beginning a long journey in computers and at that time had no idea that my life would revolve around them. There is something about those young years when we learn lessons. Whether it's being poor and learning the value of friends, making those terrible fashion choices and learning your late to the game, or just something as small as an old computer to spark a passion in your life. Hang on to that childhood spirit of discovery. You will fail, you will make wrong choices, and you will spark passion I guarantee it.